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When you’re visiting Two Mile Landing please make sure to sign up for our Loyalty Club and receive $5 for every $100 you spend!  Redeem your balance any time you dine with us except July and August. Don’t worry, your points still accrue during those months. Use them each visit or save them.  Points NEVER EXPIRE! The points on the bottom of your check will represent the point balance left on the Loyalty portion of your card. This value will always be less than 100, as once you reach 100 points these are automatically converted to a $5 credit on the card!.  Ask a staff member to check the dollar amount on the gift card portion of your card to see how many $5 reward bucks you’ve earned! Don’t forget to fill out your information portion and hand it back in.  Although the card IS pretty, you’ll probably forget it at home!  If you’re in our system your name, email or phone number can be used to add your points, too!

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